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RioHot Story

Katia Vaz is the founder of RioHot Clothing, born and raised in Brazil, our RioHot Dance Champion is part of the natural beauty and allure of Rio De Janeiro. As a RioLatina, Katia lives to dance anywhere RioHot music plays. And in Brazil, RioHot music plays anytime and anywhere. As a professional Dancer, Fitness Competitor/Model and Personal Trainer, spending nearly everyday and many hours on the dance floor and in the gym, Katia was convinced that she had to find a better quality fitness clothing line. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any clothing that could withstand the long hours of high intensity dancing & workout that Katia’s body endured. So her love for dance & fitness forced her to search for the perfect line to give her body the comfort and support she needed, but nothing was available, anywhere! 

Therefore, Katia had to create her own dance & fitness wear that not only was comfortable and enduring but also Eco Friendly; bringing happiness and joy with beautiful colors just like Carnaval! 

Katia adds a little “Culture of Carnaval” in every piece of RioHot Clothing. You can see and feel the Brazilian accents of RioColor, RioStyle, RioComfort, RioQuality, RioSexy and RioElegance in her entire line of RioHot Clothing, Fitness & Dance Wear.  

"Now you can be RioHot & Eco Friendly too" 

"RioHot Clothing is not just Fashion, RioHot Clothing is a lifestyle"